A Month of Sundays reviewed by Jenny

There is probably no-one else in Australia who can capture the woman’s point of view quite as well as Liz Byrski.  All her novels focus on the intricate and the complex in the lives of women who seem so predictable on the outside. So it is with A Month of Sundays, when a group of four women who have only known each other over the internet as book club members, gather for a month in the Blue Mountains.  They are different but have a commonality through books.  What they also have in common is covert insecurity.

This is where Byrski shines, gradually drawing out the threads to reveal what is hidden.  For the chic Simone it is a family secret, buried for years, for Judy it is the effort of letting go.  Ros is facing a health crisis and Adele has to confront her true character. Liz Byrski is a clear and direct writer and sometimes you wait for the more dramatic, but the true value lies in examining the mundane, in the clarity of what she reveals about our everyday selves through her very real characters.

In a seamless and delightful way, A Month of Sundays exposes not just the challenges these women face but the joy of the friendships and relationships in their lives.  It is a life affirming book through its gentle and appealing story deftly developed by Byrski.

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