A Month of Sundays reviewed by Kate

A Month of Sundays, written by Liz Byrski, is a lovely tale of four women who are part of a book club. Each of them is in the retirement years of life, and each is facing a crossroads in their lives. Through their book club they decide to meet and they spend four lovely weeks in the Blue Mountains reading a book that is meaningful to them and then discussing it together. Of course four women in a house together leads to a lot of talking and getting to know each other.

Each of the characters is really well written, with their differences complimenting each other even in their disagreements. The characters show the diversity of women and the needs of women in the age of retirement, but also shows how we can live together, learn together and support each other.

A Month of Sundays is a feel-good, easy to read book about four white, middle to upper class women coming together in friendship. The use of novels in the book is a nice digression also.

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