Ache reviewed by Kate

Ache, written by Eliza Henry Jones, is about Annie who grew up on a mountain in bush land. She returns there with her daughter and there is a bush fire, which Annie and her daughter only just escape from, however Annie’s grandmother, the family home and morale of the town do not. 

Annie and her daughter are traumatised by the bush fire, but in different ways. Annie is unsettled and unsure what to do next. Her daughter cant sleep, has irrational fears and can’t make sense of what happened. Together they return to the town and work through this together – as well as face some of Annie’s own childhood experiences with her mother and teenage love. 

Ache is a slow book. I felt like I was reading similar chapters to the last and there are lots of long conversations that don’t give much more depth to the story. The story itself is powerful – the devastation of a natural disaster and how different people heal in different ways, and how communities can work together to help each other. 

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