Alice and the Fly reviewed by Lynette

Alice and the fly

Alice and the Fly is an unusual book.  The blurb at the back of the book says that it is about phobias and obsessions as well as finding love.  However, the book is predominantly about mental illness.

The main character, Gregory is called ‘psycho’ by his classmates and for a period of time he was kept isolated form his own sister due to an incident.  Greg’s teacher asks him to keep a journal to help him cope and work through his feelings.  Greg decides he will write in his journal as though he is writing to a girl at school and so begins his obsession with Alice.

Greg’s journal records events as well as his auditory and visual hallucinations.   It is interesting that Greg receives limited support from significant people in his life including his parents, which raises the question that if more people were more involved in helping Greg, would this story have ended differently?

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