All That is Lost Between Us reviewed by Jenny

All That is Lost Between Us

A nice, middle class family, a teenage daughter with a mobile phone and a supportive brother, what could possible go wrong?   In fact a lot can and does go wrong within this outwardly self-possessed and competent group and it makes for a gripping read.  What emerges is a scenario that could trap almost any modern family.

Each chapter is written from one family member’s perspective.  Georgia, the teenage distance runner, is the main focus.  She finds herself in a compromising position with an older man but the reader always has the impression she is sensible enough to cope.   Her brother Zac, in his own unassuming way, puts his sister in danger.  All this happens while mother Anya and father Callum are discovering just how much their marriage has deteriorated while their family has been growing.

Into this mix a car accident and a photograph on Facebook cause a ripple of events that quickly build to a climax. It is a wholly believable tale which maintains its tempo.  For any family grappling with modern media and for teenagers trying to figure out exactly what can happen when Facebook is used against you, this is an object lesson.  This cautionary tale is highly entertaining.

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