All That is Lost Between Us reviewed by Stephanie

All That is Lost Between Us

This book is a real page turner, that treats contemporary family issues with sensitivity and is something of a psychological thriller as we learn the secrets of the Turner family and the dramas that unfold.

Each chapter is written from the perspective of each character, Anya’s in the first person giving voice to her perspective, and the other characters are written in the third person which gives more weight and drama to the conflicts that Anya experiences.

The tension created between Anya and her daughter Georgia will be familiar to many mothers as they traverse the tricky landscape of protecting their children without being too intrusive and letting life unfold with its inherent dangers and difficulties created with social media, lies and betrayal.

The other characters Callum and Zac, Anya’s husband and son, are both in trouble in their own way and this book is a journey into the near shattered lives of each of the characters and how they rebuild their relationships and trust in the background of the unfolding mysteries and foreboding outsiders.

I found this book a bit slow to get going, you are invited to believe that plot will be developed more fully by explaining some of the detail that solves the various mysteries, but in actual fact more complexity is built and in the second half of the book things start sorting themselves out.

This book is an easy read and I suspect will have wide appeal.

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