Ash Princess reviewed by Sara (14)

Theodosia had had many names in her life.  From Theo, to Lady Thora, to Ash Princess.  But there was one name she hadn’t been called in a long time – her real name – Queen Theodosia.  Ash Princess, written by Laura Sebastian, is about a rebellion and a Queen reclaiming her thrown.  The novel starts while Theo is in the imprisonment of the Kaiser, a cruel man who stole her Kingdom, along with many of its lives.  As it develops, Theo realises that she can take it no longer – she has to take back what is rightfully hers, for her and her people, who work as slaves, mining magical gems.

Through an intricate scheme that includes seduction, poison and a young serving girl, Theo knows exactly what to do to get her kingdom back.  But when the lines start to blur between ally and enemy, Theo doesn’t know if she can do what’s right… or what right even is anymore.

I read this entire novel in one day – I couldn’t put it down!  While cliché at times, such as the all-too-obvious love triangle, this story about a rebellion is like no-other I’ve ever read.  With components such as murder, love, the inner-workings of a kingdom’s court and magic, this is to me the perfect YA novel.

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