Ballad for a Mad Girl reviewed by Kate

Ballad for a Mad Girl, written by Vikki Wakefield, is a young adult novel that covers the themes of friendship, mental health, family, grief, secrets and ghosts!

Grace has always been  the funny one in her group – doing pranks, taking risks and pushing things to the limit. However a prank goes wrong and results in Grace being haunted by a ghost for the remainder of the book. Grace is pulled into the ghost’s past where a young girl was missing/murdered. Grace is able to uncover the truth and along the way uncovers some of her own family’s troubles.

Ballad for a Mad Girl is a great mix of teenage issues and spooky mystery. I think it would appeal to young people as it relates to young people today with friendship groups, identity development and the need to fit in, alongside the story of the ghost following Grace.

I enjoyed this read and think it would make a great movie!


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