Bloodlines reviewed by Kate

Bloodlines, by Nicole Sinclair, is the story of Beth, a thirty year old who is running away from a tragedy. The story covers Beth’s life, with a chapter on childhood, a chapter on her parents and a chapter in the present. Beth has gone to Papua New Guinea to escape the tragedy, and the story weaves together in three very different landscapes – New Guinea, the cityand the country town where Beth grew up with her gorgeous parents.
Bloodlines shows life in PNG – a country I don’t know a lot about. The stories of the folk in PNG are well developed and give a glimpse of the many layers of the country and the people who live there.
Beth comes across as a selfish woman, seeking her own desires and wants in the world, however PNG allows Beth to develop and see that life is not always perfect and kind, but that we can grow with it. Bloodlines was easy to read and interesting, and I loved Clem, Beth’s father who has a heart of gold and challenges the stereotype of an old school farmer man with his shows of emotion and ability to be vulnerable.

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