Break Your Chains: The Freedom Finders Book 1 reviewed by Amy (11)

In this Choose Your Own Adventure Book, you start as a thirteen-year-old girl whose sister’s died, father’s in jail and mother’s sick. You have to get your life back together in different ways. So choose your first path and see how it goes.

The portrayal of you as the character is amazing. You can understand how hard the choices are. I also liked how, if you end the story early, it gives you the page number so that you can go back to your previous choice.

If this was at my school library it would probably be in the year 6/7 Fiction, because of some of the context.

I liked how it had fact files on things that relate to the story so you could read about it before you make your decision.

I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the rest of the Freedom Fighters series and see where it takes me.

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