Child of Mine reviewed by Julia

This story is told at the steady pace of every day life, bringing a realistic feel to the unravelling of events.

Child Of Mine explores the life of Maggie, an ordinary woman who lives with her elderly mother and leads a humdrum, routine kind of life. Things turn around when a free-spirited neighbour, with a baby named Flower, literally land on their front doorstep due to their rental house being flooded and unliveable. Maggie realises that life with a child in it brings new and different feelings, and all of the women and the bubbly child seem to find something they need in the new living arrangement. However, eventually thoughts starts to arise about whether this is a temporary thing or a permanent arrangement?

The relationships of the three women and the child merge together and lines become blurred. Although the focus seems to be more on Maggie and Flower’s mother, the author tells the story, considering the perspective of all of the women as well as the child’s. Readers are possibly faced with questions around beliefs about what it means to be a mother and who has the right to choose a child’s life path?

A good read, with a few surprising turns that provoked my thinking about how sometimes an unpredictable and seemingly simple gesture can be life changing.

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