Clade reviewed by Stephanie


I enjoyed this book well enough, the narrative is much about the futuristic interpretation of the impact of climate change. The characters are developed over several generations and at times I found the books a little hard to follow, it jumps around a fair bit. I am not normally a fan of science fiction of futuristic fiction, but given the significance of climate change and its likely impact on our future generations, I none the less felt it was a great read.

The book’s central character is Adam a scientist who has some misgivings about having children in such an uncertain world. Nevertheless Adam and his wife Ellie succeed in having a daughter who proves to be a troubled teenager who then in turn has a son “Noah” who is on the spectrum and somewhat of an unlikely hero in the  story. The story is quite pessimistic in its tone and I found this  little challenging. I thought the characters weren’t quite developed enough but then this  was offset by the descriptions of events that are due to climate change, and that is the book’s gift – a story that is thought provoking and explores humanity and compassion across several generations.

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