Cloudwish by Fiona Wood


Vân U’ó’c lives in a housing trust flat, with her parents who came to Australia as ‘boat people’ in 1980. They support the family by both working in menial jobs so that Vân U’ó’c can have a better life.

This is in sharp contrast to her life as a scholarship student at a college amongst the rich and fabulous boys and girls.

Her name means cloudwish in Vietnamese and she makes a wish for the popular, attractive, rowing hero of the class to like her. When he starts to notice her, and then choose to spend time with her, she doesn’t trust him and his attention. But as they study and volunteer at the centre for non-English speaking children together, she finds she is falling for him. But is he really falling for her or is he under her spell?

A great young adult novel that looks at the hopes and dreams of teenagers, but with the background of her parents and what they have survived, Vân U’ó’c’s wishes are not just for the boy.

Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia

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