Goodwood reviewed by Kate


Goodwood is written by Holly Throsby, whose music is well known in Australia. Goodwood is a small town, where people know each other, live their lives and spectacular things don’t happen. Until two people vanish – a teenager and an older man.

The novel is narrated by Jean – a seventeen year old girl. Through Jean we see and hear of the townsfolk’s anger, guilt, sadness and mystery at what has happened to their small, quiet town. There are a lot of characters in the book, and a lot of detail (at times not needed from my perspective) about their lives and idiosyncrasies, and I found it easy to forget who was who and how they fit in, if they did at all.

Holly Throsby captures small town thinking, gossip and mentality well. The unravelling of the mystery is slow and comes to a crashing ending which was interesting and full of twists.

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