How Bright Are All Things Here reviewed by Jane

‘Vivacious, capricious, scintillating’ Bliss Adair is in a nursing home and dying. The novel, How Bright Are All Things Here, the first adult offering by Australian author Susan Green takes us back through Bliss’s long and fascinating life. We see her as a child as her mother, a well known illustrator, teaches her to draw and paint, through to an art driven move to London. We meet her friends, her lovers and her husbands. We get to know Alec, the ‘little gray man’ who was the love of her life, and his children, her step children. Along the way we learn the secrets that she had held.

Susan Green has written a book that draws us into different periods in time as we journey back and forth with Bliss. She vividly evokes time, place and relationships. We are immersed in a literary and artistic world, and we rejoice and suffer with Bliss as she reflects on her life.

This is a beautifully written and satisfying work and I for one look forward to Susan Green’s next book!

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