I am Brian Wilson reviewed by Kate


I am Brian Wilson is a memoir by Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys. I am not a Beach Boys fan at all, however this book delves into the life of Brian WIlson and his struggle with mental health issues. Brian writes openly about his lifelong mental health issues of depression, anxiety, hearing voices, and how he managed this with anger, drug and alcohol use and a dodgy doctor who took advantage of Brian and his fame/money.

The book is written in a very disjointed way, jumping from one era to the next, and is often repetitive around the stories told. Rather than it being annoying or feeling like I was wasting my time, it more felt like I was getting an insight into how Brian Wilson’s thoughts may be and feel to him.

The musical references will definitely satisfy any Beach Boys fan. It’s a rich story of musical fame, and the ins and out of the music industry.


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