In the Quiet reviewed by Kate

In the Quiet

In the Quiet written by Eliza Henry Jones follows the story of Cate, who has died and is now watching her family cope with their grief and rebuild their lives.

In the Quiet had an endless flow of sad, slow tears trickling down my face, which matched the pace of the book. It is slow moving, at times a bit too slow, but it also allows for the moments of grief with each character to be felt.

The story follows Cate’s husband, three children, best friend, sister and a few family friends and how they work together to manage the sadness left after her death. There are no surprises or twists in the story, instead a heartfelt look at how loss impacts on people differently and how they can work together to get through.   A good read, and one that made me think about how much family and people mean to me.

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