Inbetween Days by Vikki Wakefield

Inbetween Days

Seventeen year old Jacklin wants more for her life but doesn’t know how to get it. School wasn’t for her so she left. She doesn’t want to live with her parents anymore so she moves in with her sister Trudy. The job at the local store pays the bills, until she loses that. She picks Luke, the boy who sometimes turns up on Sundays, but only for the sex.

Old neighbour Jeremiah, who was at school with her, is back in small town Mobius, having been away at university. Previously not being friends, the lack of anything to do bonds them, together with Jeremiah’s friend Roly. They decide to try and revive the defunct drive-in.

Jack also treks into the forest next to the town, where many suicides have occurred, giving it a haunted feeling. There she meets Pope, a young man who is camping there.

Her relationships with her family and friends are tempered by her inability to open up, lessons learned from birth. Can she change the old habits and make more of her life with better choices? This tender story about the opportunities we are presented with, and what we do with them, is perfect reading for older teens and adults alike.

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