One reviewed by Kate

One, written by Andrew Hutchinson, is a book that makes you feel like you have lost your marbles for while, but I don’t want to give too much away. Following a young man who returns home to find a woman in his driveway, the story unfolds over a road trip with the woman he found. The young man questions what his life has been, what is real and what isn’t and what love is to him. 

 Well that’s what I think it was about anyway. The story is unique in that it’s repetitive and spooky – I was unsure who was who, and what was happening to who, but this is what made the book great. The story is convoluted but the writing is very simple and short. There are only two real characters, but they get complicated and it’s hard to know who is who. 

One was very enjoyable to read, but I don’t think it will appeal to everyone. If you like to question what is going on and have your own thoughts tumble and twist, this is a great one. 

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