One True Thing by Nicole Hayes

One True Thing high res jpegFrankie is sixteen and going through all the issues that teenagers have to deal with – school, boys and family. But Frankie’s mother is the first elected premier of Victoria, and this puts her in the spotlight. She chooses to immerse herself in her music and her band with friends Kessie, Tyler and Van. Then Kessie introduces her to her friend Jake who is an aspiring journalist.

When photos of her mother and a younger man are published in the papers the focus on her family becomes even more intense. Her relationship with her parents become strained as they fail to deal with the issue as she believes they should. They try ignoring it and hoping it will go away, but that just makes things worse for Frankie and her younger brother Luke.

This is a great coming of age novel for young adults and adults alike, that deals with the importance of family and friends and the perils of children in politics.

Publisher: Random House Books Australia

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