Parting Words reviewed by Kate

Parting Words, written by Cass Moriarty author of the fabulous The Promise Seed, is another thought provoking, interesting and different book. Cass Moriarty is an amazing author – each character is so rich and diverse from the next, with a good insight into their lives and characteristics developed over the book. 

Parting Words is about a man – Daniel Whittaker, who is wealthy with three children. To them he was a staunch, strict and closed man. Upon his death the children go to the lawyer who gives them each three letters to deliver to people unknown to them – and only then can they claim their inheritance. Through the delivery of these letters the true Daniel Whittaker comes to light – the good and the bad. Each letter is like a confession and apology for past wrongs or feelings he has had in his life that he never expressed in person. Through the delivery of these letters his children learn more about their father than they could have imagined – some good and some they would rather not have learnt. 

The three children, now adults – Richard the oldest pompous and entitled son, Evonne the middle daughter who has lived her life in the shadows of her siblings due to being in a same sex relationship that was not accepted by her parents,  and Kelly the single mum of three  are all different to each other and learn different things about their dad and themselves. By the end of the book it appeared to me that their father had intentionally sent his children on an adventure to find out about him and themselves. I could understand the frustration, anger and sadness that his kids felt at some of the things that came out and that would have made a difference to their lives had they known when he was alive. It seemed almost cruel at times that Daniel didn’t have the courage or respect to talk to his kids, but its also humbling that he took to the time to orchestrate his plan so they could learn about how he really felt about the world upon his death. 

 I loved this book. The conversations about inheritance, entitlement, hiding your demons and skeletons, and that honesty really is the best policy are beautiful to see unfold. Cass Moriarty is a great author and her style and subjects are fabulous. 

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