Plane Tree Drive reviewed by Kate

Plane Tree Drive, written by Lynette Washington, is a voyeuristic  snippet into the lives of people who live on Plane Tree Drive. Set in Adelaide, with lots of references to spots in Adelaide, Plane Tree Drive is a white middle class street with people of all age groups within it. There is not a central character as such, rather snippets from many different households. I found it difficult to work out who was who and who was connected to who, though there is a reference guide which I returned to frequently,. 

Plane Tree Drive covers many topics briefly; euthanasia, separation, affairs, life dreams, grief and death, refugees, poverty and desire. 

The chapters jump around a lot and there isn’t much fluency throughout the book, but I liked this chaotic style and the need to keep remembering who was who – it was like a street party trying to recall the story of each neighbour. 

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