Reckoning reviewed by Stephanie


This book is one of my favourite reads of 2015. Magda has had an extraordinary life,  we have seen so many slices of this public person, best known for her Sharon character in Kath and Kim , that we may take for granted how much talent and suffering is behind one of the most popular comediennes of our time.

Magda is quick to tell us that her father is an assassin and the mystery of his activities in Poland during the second world war in helping the resistance shapes much of the journey through which this memoir is written. Magda is compelled to discover the truth about her family and what shaped their early life in Croydon Melbourne.

Magda is a brilliant writer and story teller and is committed to telling her story warts and all. There is much to recount about her early life – her enduring talent for tennis egged on by her father’s ambitions for her, her mother’s Scottish humour and devotion to her family, Magda’s personal struggles with eating and weight gain, her inner turmoil about being gay and coming out. Magda’s talent for acting and how her career unfolds is a testament to her determination and character.

This book is hugely readable and will delight readers with its wit and honestly. There is much about Magda’s life that you will find surprising and utterly compelling to read.

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