Running Against the Tide reviewed by Jenny

Running Against the Tide

This is a great story and a good read. Erin has escaped to the Eyre Peninsula from Sydney with her two teenage sons Ryan and Mike.  All of them are finding it difficult in their new environment and strains develop as they adapt to life in a small country town where privacy is unknown.   Erin is running away from a failed marriage and this forms the backdrop for a far more sinister and engaging tale which engulfs many of the characters they get to know in Mallee Bay.

There is a very natural tempo to the story and the people who are part of it. The oyster farmers, the kids at the school and the neighbours seem to conspire to make their lives a misery.  In the middle of this Erin is working hard to manage her increasingly difficult son Ryan but getting caught in her own very dangerous web of intrigue.

The rhythm of their lives is completely natural and this is the appeal of the story. We all know someone like Erin and her sons and we can all imagine getting caught, as she does, in a spiral of events that could end in tragedy. It is well worth reading Running Against The Tide to find out exactly what happens and where the real danger lies.

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