Running Against the Tide reviewed by Kate

Running Against the Tide

Running Against the Tide, written by Amanda Ortlepp, is based in the Eyre Peninsula, where a woman and her two sons have fled to escape her husband who has gambled their lives away. The family manage very differently, dealing with adolescence, family breakdown, dishonesty of parents and how this effects the kids, even when they are young adults.

Running Against the Tide is beautiful – it describes life in a small seaside township so lovely that I want to move there – the sense of community, both good and bad and the knitting together in hard times. The detail of life as an oyster farmer is another lovely layer, the family history and emotion that is connected to the sea is beautiful.

One of the great things about this book is that it does not dwindle at all – it is a lovely read, but is also action packed, with different stories coming out, all involving lies, violence and deceit, but against the background of the township it all seems manageable.

I really enjoyed reading this, and read it over two nights as it made me feel quite peaceful at times, though not all the time!

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