Running Against the Tide reviewed by Vivian

Running Against the Tide

The problem with Amanda Ortlepp’s books, is that once you start, you can’t seem to stop! Her writing is easy to read and her stories are very engaging making it hard to put her books down.

Running Against the Tide is no exception. It follows Erin Travers and her two sons as they leave the troubles of Sydney behind and move to the small town of Mallee Bay on the Eyre Peninsula. Erin has fond childhood memories of Mallee Bay and her elder son Mike quickly settles into the town’s way of life and is soon learning all about oyster farming.

Mike’s young brother Ryan has a much harder time trying to fit in. He is angry and upset with his mum for dragging him away from Sydney and from his father. Soon there are incidents of theft and arson around the Bay and fingers are pointed. Not only are the new residents under the microscope but so are the locals and ex-partners.

Ortlepp develops her stories and characters in such a way that makes for a compelling read.

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