Second Sight reviewed by Vivian

What seems like a minor car accident turns into something so much more in Aoife Clifford’s latest novel Second Sight. Eliza Carmody has returned to her childhood town of Kinsale. Long ago she left the coastal town and her family behind along with a lot of negative emotions. She went on to become a successful lawyer. But now she is back to defend a company involved in a bushfire class action brought on by  many of the townsfolk.

After witnessing the car accident and the following act of violence, Eliza is unwittingly drawn into the investigation. Other isolated incidents occur around the town but as Eliza does some investigating the past is trudged up and slowly she starts to connect the dots.

There is a lot going on in this novel and the many subplots cleverly come together to provide an engrossing and climatic ending. There are also many characters in this novel, which at times make it tricky to keep track of but it is worth sticking with to reach the finale.

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