Secrets Between Friends reviewed by Kate

Secrets between Friends, written by Fiona Palmer, follows three women as they set sail on a cruise ship to celebrate their friendship. While on the cruise the secrets each has been holding come out – affairs, illness, unhappiness and secrets that harm their friendship. Each of the women are different to the other – Abbie is strong, independent and facing horrible news, Ricki is a nurse who loves her partner but also wants a more fulfilling life and Jess, a single mother and teacher who has a secret of her own. 

Secrets Between Friends was supposed to be a ‘fluffy’ read for me – a relaxing book with not much to worry about in it; however that isn’t the case. The secrets these women carry can harm each of them individually and are realistic (well maybe not Jess so much) and real tear jerkers. The friendships and love they have for each other are identifiable too – the need for your friends to understand, but also the desire not to disappoint them. 

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