Take Three Girls reviewed by Vivian

Take Three Girls follows Ady, Clem and Kate as they navigate their way through year 10 at an elite, girls school in Melbourne. Ady is part of the popular crowd but finds herself questioning what it means to be popular.  Her relationship with her boyfriend is unsatisfying and her home life is unsettling. Clem and Kate are both boarders at the school. Clem has been a successful swimmer for as long as she can remember but after some time off to recover from a wrist injury she starts to have doubts and questions her love of swimming. She finds her focus has changed to her new boyfriend – but to what detriment?  Kate is not only smart but she also loves to play the cello. She considers pursuing music as a career but at what cost to her family? The three girls are very different but come together as part of the ‘Wellness’ program at school. The only thing they have in common is the size of their thumbs! The girls start to bond particularly when each one becomes the victim of online vicious rumours.

There are many things to love about this book. I enjoyed the concept of the Wellness program. While some of the girls dissed the program it clearly got them thinking about their identities, self-esteem, friendships and what it means to be happy. I loved how the three girls didn’t have much in common and would never have crossed paths but as they work through the program they realise that they have each others backs and this allows them to safely explore being themselves without putting on any pretences. Finally hats off to these three wonderful authors who did an amazing job at collaborating on this book. Their efforts are seamless and the story flows beautifully. Ultimately they give hope to teenage girls who may be having trouble finding their way through school.

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