Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil reviewed by Nicole


I am new to Melinda Marchetta’s books but know she has written some wonderful and acclaimed titles during her career.

If I’m honest, I wasn’t drawn into this book that easily, I took a while to warm up to the characters and the unravelling plot. The story took a while to build and I think this was to do with the large number of characters that were being introduced at a rapid pace. I found it hard to keep up!

But as I progressed I could see what she was trying to achieve was to craft a story with layers so the end conclusion involved the entire cast of characters linked by a common thread.

Issues of alcoholism, race, sexuality, incarceration and terrorism are explored in this novel and it is a book that would appeal to a wide audience. Personally I could see this story being adapted for screen, and told over a number of episodes, in this context it would work really well.

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