The Anti Cool Girl reviewed by Stephanie

The Anti Cool Girl

What a ride, I love this book. It is Rosie Waterland’s memoir, who has come to fame through her recaps of The Bachelor. My head is still spinning that Rosie has survived her dysfunctional childhood, found humour, self-deprecation and brilliance to make good of her lot. This book is divided into chapters as Rosie recounts her mishaps and narrow escapes with her mother’s dodgy boyfriends and alcoholism, and suicide attempts. The topics are heavy and made light of with a curious mixture of humility, self-disclosure, pathos, and sheer bravery.

Rosie eventually succumbs to mental issues and somehow rights herself with determination and insight. It is a creative work and I would love to meet Rosie. She is an inspiration, her journey through adversity to eventually accepting herself and owning her limitations and gifts is a truly astonishing feat. It’s a must read, I highly recommend it.

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