The Antiques reviewed by Vivian

The Antiques is a fun rollercoaster ride with a dysfunctional family. The book centres around the Westfall family – George and Ana, and their three children, Josef, Charlie and Armie. George is an antiques dealer in New York. He was diagnosed with cancer, had surgery, but it returned. Now in the midst of a hurricane George has passed away and Ana has summoned the family together to deal with his death.
Josef, the eldest, is divorced with two children. He is a high flying business man with an addiction to sex. Despite his addiction he is determined to win back his ex-wife particularly now that she has a new poet boyfriend​, if only he could stop thinking about sex with other women!
Charlie, the middle and only daughter, lives in California and works as a personal assistant to a Hollywood film actress. She is expected to be at the actresse’s beck and call​, attending to her every whim. Both ladies have a young son but Charlie’s child seems to behave differently to the other boys. He is likely to be on the autism spectrum, something her and her French film critic husband need to come to terms with. A hard thing to do when your marriage is on the rocks.
Armie, the youngest, lives in the basement of his parent’s home. He meticulously builds furniture and is very uncomfortable and awkward in social settings.
The entertainment really starts as the family gathers for George’s memorial service when they learn that their father’s dying wish was to sell a priceless piece of artwork that George proudly owned.
I really enjoyed this dark humoured story and its flawed but likeable characters. There are many layers to this family and I enjoyed getting to know them.

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