The Art of Friendship reviewed by Michelle

Libby and Kat are best friends.  From the moment Libby moved into the house across the street from Kat, they were inseparable … that is until attending different high schools and uni led them in different directions.   Distance didn’t seem to impact on their bond, despite living in different states for most of their adult life, best friends they remained, keeping in touch by emails, phone calls and letters.

Then it happens. Fate (or Libby’s husband Cam scores a job in Kat’s home state) and for the first time in a LONG time Kat and Libby find themselves living in the same state, less than 30 minutes apart! What could go wrong?

The Art of Friendship is a story that describes the all too familiar tragedy, that realising your closest, oldest and dearest friend is someone you have absolutely nothing in common with.  Often our childhood friendships are ones that are forged by convenience, being in the same class or living on the same street, and over the years, shared experiences and history become the binding factors of the friendship rather than shared interests.

This novel will make you re-evaluate your friendships and treasure the ones you have.  It will make you realise that that well known saying ‘you can’t pick your family, but you can pick your friends’, isn’t entirely true.

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