The Book Ninja reviewed by Michelle

I am a fan of young adult fiction … I have often been embarrassed because I feel like I should grow up already and read a ‘real book’.  I often reserve the fact that Harry Potter was my first crush, that I wish I had the fierce strength of Katniss Everdeen, and that the love between Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace is far more epic than Romeo and Juliet. So The Book Ninja, for me, was a perfect read.  This novel is witty and relatable (to me anyway) and I found myself complete engrossed and read it very quickly (something I never seem to do).

I instantly related to the protagonist, Frankie Rose, who decides to combat her current ‘unlucky in love’ status by using her first love, books, to help her find ‘the one’.  Encouraged by her best friend Cat, Frankie a budding author, becomes a book ninja – stealthily leaving her favourite novels on trains in the hope that the man of her dreams will pick one up, devour the story and find her contact details in the pages of the book, and they then meet and live happily ever after.  However, her romantic notion soon proves to be the fuel for her hilarious blog where she captures the weird and wacky reality of dating in your thirties.

While reading my only comment was how much Frankie (my new best friend, by the way) despises YA fiction – I took offence at first … but it was this genre that eventually helped her find happiness in the most unlikely of places.  I laughed, I cried and absolutely loved this novel.

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