The Book Ninja reviewed by Tara

Frankie Rose is in a rut. She is disappointed with her career as a writer, her family and her love life. Since her life fell apart eighteen months ago, she has been working in The Little Brunswick Street Bookstore with her best friend, Cat.

Feeling frustrated by her unsuccessful experiences with Tinder, Frankie concocts an unconventional dating experiment. She writes her contact details in the middle of her favourite books and leaves them on trains, hoping to attract the sophisticated, intelligent, handsome man of her dreams. In an attempt to reignite her enthusiasm for writing, she decides to write a blog about her experiences.

As the emails begin to filter in, Frankie finds herself the object of an attractive customer’s interest. Although his literary taste is not aligned to hers, his persistence wears her down. As Frankie’s interest in the experiment decreases, the emails continue to come in and public interest grows in the blog. Frankie gets swept up in the momentum and jeopardizes all she hoped to achieve.

The concept of leaving books on trains to meet people is intriguing. Each chapter opens with a record of the most recent book and the train it was left on. There are similarities between the book on the train and the events that unfold in the chapter. There are also lots of book references and literary jokes woven through the text.

The chapters are interspersed with Frankie’s blog entries about the dates, and emails and text messages between characters. This results in a fragmented but funny story, where lots of books, and people, are judged by their covers and chaos reigns.

The Book Ninja, is a light-hearted romantic comedy which is easy to read.

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