The Fifth Letter reviewed by Vivian

Joni, Deb, Eden and Trina have been friends since year 7, when on day one their teacher noted that the four of them all had surnames starting with ‘C’ and all were Scorpios. From then on Joni was determined that they would become best friends. And they have stuck together through their teens and twenties but now life has gotten more complicated with careers, husbands and children. They found themselves being pulled in different directions.

Joni is determined to make their yearly vacation a priority and for this one to pull them back together. The four girls decide it would be a great idea if they all wrote an anonymous letter sharing a deeply held secret. The letters would be read out in front of the group over the course of the holiday. But if they thought these secrets would bring them closer together then they were very much mistaken. And when a fifth letter is discovered it appears one of their lives may be at risk and rock the very foundations of their friendship.

Nicola Moriarty has written a very engaging novel. With such an easy reading/writing style the book is engrossing, making it difficult to put down. A great holiday read.

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