The Geography of Friendship reviewed by Kate

The Geography Of Friendship, written by Sally Piper, tells the story of three friends who in their emerging young adulthood go on a five day trek together. Sadly it has dire consequences and each lives with these for the rest of their lives, impacting differently for each. In their early forties one of the women, Lisa, convinces the other two to undertake the trek again in the hope that it will heal wounds. As they set out they each reflect on their first trek and how it’s affected them since. 

The Geography of Friendship has three character – Lisa, Samantha and Nicola. Each is well developed and has their own values and morals around the story and what happened to them. 

 At times the book is a little bit slow, but it’s worth it as the story unravels and each of the characters grow, reflect and face their own demons and each others. 

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