The Greatest Gift reviewed by Annie

Harper Drummond, unarguably one of the best interviewers’, at ‘only thirtyfour herself, her radio show—Afternoons with Harper—appealed to young and old alike’. Happily married without children she decides to donate the eggs she doesn’t plan to use herself, knowing that ‘one in six Australian couples struggles with infertility and although the reason varies from case to case, the struggle is real and it’s not something that we as a society spend much time talking about. But perhaps it’s time this changed as the emotional fallout can have a devastating impact on women, men, families and relationships’.

Claire and Jasper fall in love and marry knowing she can’t conceive. When they are ready they look for an egg donor and find Harper. Their lives become entwined and all goes to plan, until it all goes wrong and the unforeseen complications rear their ugly heads.

I was drawn into this story and felt for each of the characters’ who were all depicted with such authenticity I believed it all and was moved deeply. The book shows so clearly that ‘life wasn’t something you could predict’. Harper finds when all ‘she’d wanted was to do something meaningful and instead what should have been a simple act of kindness had thrown her whole world upside down’.

The book looks at the different ways of becoming a mother, and the effect that parenting styles can have on children. It was perfect to immerse myself in while on holidays.

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