The Last Days of us reviewed by Kate MS (17)

The Last Days of Us, written by Beck Nicholas is a young adult novel that is guaranteed to pull at your heart strings. No doubt there will be tears within the first few chapters, when the playful and enchanting characters become your closest friends, and their stories become yours. Throughout the novel the depth in which the lives of the five main characters are explored is astonishing and immediately pulls the reader into the story with Zoey and her newly found friends as they travel, not only finding each other but themselves. Every character has their own personal connection to be found and loved; Luc, the dark brooding boy with a soft side, Josie, the sweet curly haired sixteen-year-old, Cass, the lost best friend with secrets, Finn, the broken-hearted ex, and Zoey the emotional, broken and entirely loveable protagonist.

The story deals not only with grief and loss in a first-person perspective, but also with how family and friends react and furthermore how that can have effect on relationships, friendships and trust. The story resonates with anyone who has ever made a life changing mistake, lost someone close, fallen in love or just wanted to live every day like it is their last. It is clear within reading the first sentences that Nicholas drew inspiration from her Australian routes. Her references to Adelaide and the surrounding areas makes the story even more familiar.

In finishing the novel, the only lingering thought is what happens next, and of course the tear stained cheeks, not only with sadness but with joy and hope for what could come next not just for Zoey, Luc, Cass, Josie and Finn, but for Nicholas and her future in the world of fiction. A journey in which I hope to read all about.

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