The Last Pulse reviewed by Vivian

The Last Pulse

The Last Pulse is about Merv Rossiter, a South Australian man from the town of Lochiel, who recently lost his wife in tragic circumstances. In fact over the years, Merv has watched the demise of many friends around him, all of which can be traced back to the lack of water flowing in the Murray River due to the dam in Queensland.

So Merv with his eight year old daughter sets to rectify the situation. This involves “borrowing” a boat, taking it to Queensland and blowing up the dam, hence letting all the water flow back down the river, as it naturally would, through New South Wales and South Australia. As word spreads and the water flows, some consider Merv a hero, others a terrorist but there is no doubt that Merv is a brave man in what he is trying to accomplish. The end result is very satisfying. This is a wonderful book that every South Australian can enjoy. Cameron’s wit and black humour is fantastic.



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