The List reviewed by Amy (11)

The List is a very interesting book. It is set in the future where global warming has melted all the ice caps. A man called John Noa has saved a small piece of world and called it Ark. The people that live in Ark have a special language called List. List only has seven hundred words. It doesn’t have word like ‘love’ and ‘hope’ and ‘faith’. By limiting the words, Noa thinks that the melting may not happen again.

Special jobs like a carpenter or blacksmith or graver (the law enforcer) have more words that they need to use for their job. A farmer might have the words ‘hoe’ or ‘pick’ or ‘shovel’. A blacksmith might have ‘anvil’ or ‘hammer’. There is a job for the person who looks after all the words, called the Wordsmith.

The Wordsmith is a man called Benjamin. He has an apprentice called Letta. Benjamin goes missing and Letta becomes the Wordsmith. Letta discovers that Noa isn’t really what he seems. He has good intentions but the things he does have bad outcomes for the people. He tortured Benjamin and plans to put Nicene in the water to make everyone incapable of speaking. Letta joins with the desecrators to stop him.

The List is a really cool play on the Christian story of Noah’s ark. I liked how it had a twist where Noa was evil and the Ark was a city with people not just animals. This said, Christian people might not like it because it is a play on the story of Noah’s Ark.

I really enjoyed reading The List and was glad I had the chance to read it. I liked it so much I did a school project on it, but there were so many good parts I found it hard to choose my favourite one.

I really enjoyed the riveting start where Smith Fearful, the scavenger, found a silver container with a string of letters across it, N-I-C-E-N-E, but he didn’t know what it meant. I liked how the desecrators, who John Noa says are the bad people, are really good people. They love art and music and culture. I also liked how Letta discovered the mystery about her family.

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