The Lucky Galah reviewed by Vivian

The Lucky Galah is set in the 1960’s, leading up to the moon landing in a small, remote town in Western Australia called Port Badminton. We follow Evan and Linda Johnson who have moved from their home town of Melbourne with their three year old daughter, Jo. Evan is a radar technician and Port Badminton has a giant satellite dish which will be used in lunar space missions. Two doors down from the Johnsons live the Kellys – Marjorie and Kevin. Linda and Marjorie become good friends and so do their children. Lucky the galah follows the events, gossip and scandal that befalls the small community town.

Tracy Sorensen’s ability to write a novel from the viewpoint of a galah is a wonderful concept. I enjoyed following the plight of Lucky and also I really relished the unique references of Australia from the 1960s. Although I felt a disconnection with some of the characters, Lucky more than made up for it! Lucky has an endearing personality and at times you could feel the frustration when she is unable to make herself understood. An original and quirky novel.

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