The Ones You Trust reviewed by Vivian

I have always enjoyed Caroline Overington’s books. Her novels are generally enthralling, topical, page turning reads. But when I read the blurb for her current novel The Ones You Trust, I must say I was initially disappointed. Not another book on a child kidnapping! I thought there were already plenty of great novels covering this topic. What more could be written?

Well I’m glad to say I was wrong! Overington adds another dimension to child kidnapping by including the media working not only from the outside but also inside the home! Emma Cardwell is a 43 year old co-host of an ailing morning show called ‘Cuppa’. She is married to Brandon who is a house husband to their three children. When Emma’s seventeen month old daughter, Fox-Piper, is kidnapped from her day-care centre it sends her family and the Stellar Network into complete chaos.

While Emma and her family along with the police are focused on finding Fox, the network want to maximise exposure and exploit the situation in favour of ratings. It is such a fascinating and eye opening situation told so well by Overington. And as per usual this novel has twists and turns you never see coming. Another great read and an excellent addition to this genre.

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