The Pause by John Larkin

The PauseThe Pause is a book written for young adults but should be read by people of all ages.

Teenager Declan has contemplated suicide. The novel shows what would have happened if he went through with it, and mostly what would have happened if he paused.

It is essentially about mental illness, but it also a love story. Issues of race, religion, sexuality, divorce, physical and intellectual disability are all woven into this novel without it feeling preachy or laboured. Although there is heavy subject matter, John Larkin uses humour to lighten the mood.

A cast of great characters make this beautifully written book authentic and believable and provides great messages for anyone who has suffered any sort of mental illness, and for those who might not have, to recognise and assist those around them that have. Ultimately to ‘Stick around. You’re worth it’. Because being human can be the greatest curse, but also the greatest gift.

Publisher: Random House Australia

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