The Prince Boofhead Syndrome reviewed by Annie

I remember working in a bookshop when Michael Carr-Gregg and Elly Robinson’s book on teenage girls – The Princess Bitchface Syndrome first came out. It was a huge seller and parents were coming in saying ‘this is my daughter’. It has been updated since then. I can see a generation of children growing up having been told they are princesses and so precious that they have taken it literally. The Prince Boofhead Syndrome is the male version, as they can be just as bad, just different.

I have a nine-year-old son, so I was interested in what they would have to say about boys, wanting him not to turn into a ‘boofhead’. The first part of the book looks at the ways in which boys behave badly, and why it happens. The second half addresses strategies to prevent it or deal with it if it is occurring. In a very straight forward manner, clear approaches are given, with resources where appropriate. It has chapters on the key issues including technology, alcohol, drugs, sex, depression and anxiety.

I felt it was useful to read at this stage to ward off this behaviour, and to know it is a reference I can go to in the future should any of these problems arise. Hopefully with this good advice they won’t!


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