The Prince Boofhead Syndrome reviewed by Kate

Michael Carr-Gregg has delivered a book about our future generation – men who are self entitled, demanding, selfish, greedy and get away with it!

Based on his experiences as a father and psychologist Carr-Gregg is looking at Australian teenage boys and how the way they are parented and experience life isn’t making them strong, independent, kind people. He doesn’t just blame the parents luckily – community, the view of children being all precious, the need for us all to win a prize, the lack of boundaries, and rest time all get a look in.

There are great professional tips for parents and ways to identify that you are indeed raising a boofhead, and ways to mend this. All seem fair and able to be implemented which is good to read and get the feeling there is hope yet!

Lucky for me my lil man didn’t fit the bill… yet… so I have time to implement and reflect on my role in this!

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