The Promise Seed reviewed by Kate

The Promise Seed

The Promise Seed follows neighbours, one an elderly man with a lifetime of sadness,grief and regret, the other a 10 year old boy living with his mother and her array of partners. Both main characters are full of sorrow and strength. They are both well developed through the story and their relationship is beautiful.

It is quite harrowing in places. I found it hard to leave until I knew what happened and how certain scenarios played out. The beauty on one page would be taken with sadness, anger and anxiety on my part about what was going to happen. The issue of family violence and our community myths and taboos around this is well explored.

The principle’s choice to ignore, the old man’s choice to intervene at times and not at others, and the failure of the mum to focus on her son all highlight real life situations we hear about every day.

The Promise Seed really affected me while I was reading it. It left me wondering what happened and made me feel sad at times. It’s really well written, very descriptive of emotion and feeling.  It’s enjoyable in many ways but a difficult read in terms of emotion!

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