The Ruin reviewed by Kate

The Ruin, written by Derva McTiernan, is set in Galway, Ireland. Cormac Reilly has been in the police force for twenty years around Ireland, returning to Galway in his 40s to escape the rumour and bustle of Dublin. Cormac’s character is a genuine, honest, dedicated cop, who wants the world to be safe for all and for other officers to enforce the law but kindly. Moving back to Galway he sees that this is not always happening. 

Cormac is given a cold case that he responded to as a young officer in training; two young children in a neglected house with signs of abuse, and their mother dead upstairs from a drug overdose. Cormac is set to investigate the death of the mother, as there are suspicious circumstances, when the children reappear as adults – the male as a suicide victim and the sister as an angry woman looking for answers to her brothers’ suicide. 

Aisling is the partner of the suicide victim, and alongside Maude, his sister they uncover a story of corruption, murder and betrayal. Cormac uncovers this also as the characters fight to find justice and peace. 

The Ruin is fast paced and the twists and turns match the characters with their secrets and pasts. A great detective story set in the bleakness of Ireland. 

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