The Ruin reviewed by Vivian

This is the first thriller in a new compelling crime series set in Ireland. Cormac Reilly and his girlfriend Emma have moved from Dublin to Galway for Emma’s work. This has meant Reilly has had to take a step down as a police detective and is given unsolved cold cases to investigate.  Reilly struggles to fit in at the station and grapples with all the politics running around the office.

An apparent suicide by Jack Black complicates things as Reilly recalls meeting Jack many years prior as a rookie investigating the death of Jack’s mother. Jack’s girlfriend and sister also attempt to push the investigation further believing Jack didn’t commit suicide. From here there are many twists and turns making for an interesting and engrossing thriller.

Dervla McTiernan introduces various elements and characters to this suspense novel making for a wonderful and chilling cliff-hanger novel. I look forward to the next book in the series.

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