The Safest Place in London reviewed by Jenny

Does wartime change us or bring out who we really are?  By examining this question in the context of London in World War Two Maggie Joel has given us a lot of food for thought.   The story is gripping.  Two mothers caught in the London Underground during an air raid are facing confronting truths about themselves and are forced to re-evaluate their lives.  Both are already compromised and, as the air raid threatens them and their daughters, they have to come to terms with the choices they make.

Then the story follows their husbands, equally caught in the mire of the double standards of the era, each in a battle with his conscience.  Will they measure up or will they choose the line of least resistance?

This is an intriguing and entertaining story which gives a whole new perspective on the war, exposing how many people had to wrestle as much with their personal values as dealing with rationing, bombing and the threat of death during those years.

We feel for all the characters as they struggle with their ethical dilemmas. There are no easy answers as their lives get entangled and the story gains momentum and moves inexorably towards its fascinating outcome.

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